Capital Club

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Wedding brochure

The Project

Create a branded sales aid to promote a tertiary service

My Approach

The wedding market is highly competitive yet highly homogenous. A bride rules the wedding day choices and nothing happens without her say-so. But getting her to consider a venue she’s never thought of calls for a leave-behind that hits all her sentimental, organizational and budgetary sweet spots.

  • Created a unique voice and tone that extended the brand to a less traditional audience
  • Developed an attention-getting headline that set the tone for the piece
  • Wrote benefit-driven copy to differentiate the venue by satisfying the bride’s emotional sensibilities
The Results

A stylish one-sheet to help brides select a fashionable and fabulous wedding reception locale

The Client’s Viewpoint

“We love it! You captured the emotion and personality we were looking for with a teeny tiny amount of information — thank you so much.”

Capital Club

Copy Excerpt

Love is all you need.

(Well, that, and a great place to party.)

After the “I dos,” you’ll be ready for the “We dos,” where we do everything to help you relax, have fun and revel in your special day.

We’ll take care of every big and small detail, leaving you to celebrate your love stress-free.

In our chic, urban location with a view of the downtown cityscape, you’ll be both his one-and-only and ours.

That’s because your day is exclusively yours. No other brides. No other receptions. Just our complete and undivided attention to make your wishes and wants come true. From classic chic to posh party to something in between, we’ll create and customize an experience that’s as unique as your love, your style and your budget.