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Is your business or brand invisible?

We live in a sound bite, click-away, turn-it-off world. Fortunately, content is an extremely effective equalizer and a highly affordable influencer.

Ho-hum, average, “good-enough” content and copywriting will make you sound (and get lost) like everyone else.

Let’s talk if you’re ready to turn your ideas about content upside down.

Let me introduce you to captivating content and strategic copywriting thats help you find an audience, elevate your visibility, build customer loyalty and make you stand out.

I’m an Ohio-based, award-winning, freelance writer and copywriter who works in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, as well as New York, Portland, Chicago, D.C. (and beyond).

  • I get marketing and branding.
  • I plan, write, edit and repurpose copy and content for web sites, blogs and social media.
  • I develop content marketing articles, email campaigns, newsletters and marketing communications collateral.
  • I interview and interact with subject matter experts (and even become one).
  • I’m known for cranking out and finessing words to create something that’s uniquely you yet really means something to the people you’re trying to reach.
  • I excel at organizing information, content, statistics and anecdotes for maximum impact.